“ The potential of a seed is not recognised, until one fine day we see it standing strong, majestic and gigantic as a tree… So true. It’s the tree that captures our attention and not the seed from which it sprouts!”

Yet, we will fail not to recall the modest start of the 3F group with Foods Fats & Fertilisers Ltd. It’s a saga of 45 years and the Vision of Mr. B.K Goenka (Chairman and Managing Director) that has made the 3F group a conglomerate of 20 diversified industrial units.

Starting with edible oil extraction and refining at Food Fats and Fertilisers Ltd we branched out into multifarious vistas vis-a- vis oil palm cultivation, manufacture of edible oils and its by-products, bakery shortenings and margarine, specialty fats, commodity trading, garments, power, etc. Notably, we have emerged as one of the largest “Bakery fat & Margarine” manufacturers in India and “World leaders in Specialty fats ( CBS ) Technology.”

With the committed team enterprise of over 1000 employees, the 3F group steered past the Indian landscape to expand overseas. Our network and goodwill has been vibrantly growing in countries abroad eversince.
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