3F Industries Ltd


The Corporate Identification Number (CIN No.) of 3F Industries Limited is U24120AP1960PLC000888.

Foods Fats & Fertilisers Ltd was conceived in 1959, born in 1960 and was on its feet by 1962.

Today Foods Fats & Fertilisers Ltd was matured into a conglomerate of 20 industrial units spread over 40 acres constantly bussing with activity and providing employment to over 1000 persons .

Our product range today includes oils of rice bran, soyabean, sunflower, groundnut , sesame, palm, sal seed, mango kemel, acid oils, wax, gums, deoiled meals (extractions), crude distilled and hydrogenated fatty acids, oil tractions, stearic acids, glycerine, hydrogenated fats for industrial use, vanaspati / shortening, margarine, canned fruits, vegetables, bakery fats, speciality fats for manufacturing chocolate, confectionery and cosmetics, natural colours for use in food and feed industry, oleo resins and herbal extracts, fabrication and installation of turnkey projects for processing of vegetable oils and their derivatives.

Research and development is the pivot of our activities and has made us to stand in good stead. Continuous upgradation processes and diversification in new research based projects is our Corporate culture leading us to steady upward movement.

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