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Donation of generator to Govt. Hospital

Event : Donation of Generator to Govt. Hospital,  Tadepalligudem

Date : Going on in phased manner from Oct,2021

Place : Camp conducting at tadepalligudem and heart  Surgeries done at Star hospitals, Hyderabad,


3F swabhimaan foundation has been involved in various developmental activities in and around of tadepalligudem based on the needs of the community. 

During the Covid period almost all the sectors damaged and especially in the Govt. hospital so many people were suffered lack of oxygen supply. Though there is oxygen supply but due to continuous power cut patients have suffered a lot. To curb this problem 3F swabhimaan foundation has donated the 65 KV generator to Govt. hospital, eventually people have got the oxygen supply even the power cut time of covid period. It was very useful to the public especially during the crisis situation.

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The objective of the program :

  • To provide the oxygen supply without interruption to the Covid patients. 
  • To create the confidence among the caretakers of the covid victims and not to get panic during the crisis period.


Result :

by donating the generator with huge capacity the people got continuous oxygen supply and caretakers also got huge confidence eventually panic situation has been curtailed. Hospital staff has expressed thanks for this generous activity.


Srinivas Dhupam

Manager- CSR

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Beyond business, we commit significant resources to philanthropic initiatives in education and community service.

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