Event : Donation of Road stoppers (barricades) 

Date : 14/08/2019

Place : 3F Swabhimaan home, Racharla  

Organised by : 3F Swabhimaan foundation

Introduction :

In the Pentapadu mandal apart from local there is national highway junction also which is located at Sakshi junction, which is highly prone for accidents. To curb the problem of accidents 3F swabhimaan foundation as donated 20 road safety barricades to pentapadu police department to place the road stoppers at different places to reduce the road accidents. In this event Local DSP, Mr. Rajeswar reddy attended and expressed thanks for extending the support by 3F swabhimaan foundation management. the news was covered in media also. 

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The objective of the program :

  • To donate 20 road stoppers to place at different places
  • To reduce the road accidents in crucial junctions
  • To create awareness among the people on road safety.  



  • The police people also felt happy for donation of road stoppers  
  • This will certainly reduce the road accidents as expressed by local circle inspector. 
  • Due to road stoppers vehicles will get slow and eventually the road accidents also reduced.


Srinivas Dhupam

Manager- CSR

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