Sexual Harassment Notice

3F strives to make the work environment free from any harassment arising out of the interactions between the employees/ interns / trainees in the company based on power, authority and physical strength. The company has no tolerance for misconduct affecting the life of any employee.


Business / Functional Head
Sexual Harassment Committee as presented on the notice board


To uphold individual dignity
To be fair to the employees
To keep the work environment free from unsolicited behaviours and actions that intrude an employee’s private spaces and affect the quality of life
Sexual harassment is defined on the following lines –
Any unwanted gestures and signs Staring / glaring / intimidating with looks
Making advances
Touching the person inappropriately
Speaking with puns / double meanings
Addressing with pet names
Seeking private information
Making personal remarks
Sending private mails / messages
Sharing pornography related content / videos
Repeat one-side communications despite declining
Calling at odd hours
Detaining at office in the name of work
Threatening with dire consequences using authority

Sexual Harassment Committee constitution and scope

A committee comprising of two female members, HR and another member from any of the businesses/ functions shall constitute the committee
The committee shall act as an independent body
The committee shall examine the authenticity of the complaint
The committee shall maintain utmost confidentiality of the case.
The committee shall be committed to helping the victim based on inquiry and establishing facts
The committee shall have access to any such documents / records that will establish the facts
The committee shall have the right to suggest any course of action during and after the inquiry
The committee shall provide solutions, suggest corrective actions such as punishment, apology, transfer, termination and conciliation as the case may warrant
The committee shall advice psychological support/ counselling to the victim
The committee shall recommend security support to the victim, if the case warrants


Any employee felt harassed by another colleague must formally make a complaint to the Sexual Harassment Committee in writing.
The committee will do an independent inquiry into the incident and establish facts.
Highest levels of confidentiality shall be maintained during the entire process.
The inquiry shall be completed within three months.
All proceedings shall be documented and be available during the course of the inquiry so that both the parties are heard and can represent on the findings even during the course of the inquiry.
In the interim, the committee shall recommend transfer of either party based on the request made.
The findings report shall be available for both the parties at the end of the inquiry.
The recommendations shall be made within 10 days of the completion of the inquiry.
The committee shall ensure protection against retaliation against the aggrieved or the witness, in the interim and subsequently, if necessary through police.
Once the facts are established, the committee shall make recommendation on the course of action such as punishment, transfer and termination.
Genuineness of the case
If in the course of inquiry, it is noticed that the complaint was raised to settle personal scores/ tarnish the image of another employee, strict action shall be taken against the complainant by the committee.

Further appeal

In case the victim feels the need for further appeal, the case shall be escalated to HR, who shall act on it.